Third Millennium Building of Pasargad Bank Project

November 13, 2020


Third Millennium Building of Pasargad Bank, Iconic building on Mirdamad Boulevard (Tehran), honored as the best designed building in the 8th national conference on structure and steel with 48,000 m2   infrastructure and 26 floors. This branch of Pasargad bank is the main data center which Parsian Diesel Power Plant Development Company  as a great supplier of Cummins (UK) engines in Iran, installed a small scale power plant with 5.5 MW emergency power in one of the upper floors of this building. 

Due to the requirement of emergency power without outage or interruption and also with respect to the residential/commercial area of this street, diesel power house installed at the highest floor of this building with the compliance of urban development & planning standards to prevent the noise caused by their operation.

Providing 5.5 MW emergency power supplies with 4 Cummins Power (UK) diesel engines (C1400D5) with 1400 KVA standby power. Diesel engine models are KTA50-G3 of Cummins (UK), PI734B Stamford alternators of UK, 4 Power Command microprocessor monitoring control boards that incorporates synchronizing with other Diesel Alternator sets manufactured by ONAN (US) with all required protections.