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    About Parsian Diesel

    Know more about Parsian Diesel

    Parsian Diesel Power Plant Development, the power generating company, is an exclusive representative of Doosan’s products of South Korea, leadest supplier of Cummins products (UK) and exclusive representative of Elitech Power products (UK) in Iran. Parsian has more than four decades of experience in the diesel and gas alternators industry with a trend for growth in production capacity. Innovation in the product line, highly specialized engineers and investment in R&D are the features that makes Parsain Diesel an ideal partner in this business. This company also provided emergency power and technical maintenance for over than 5700 domestic and international projects in order to make an excellent improvement toward brighter future .

    Parsian Diesel has the wealth of knowledge in using the highest technology of greatest manufacturers of Gensets, diesel engines and power plants such as: Doosan Korea, Cummins (UK), Perkins, Volvo,  Caterpillar, Stamford and so on. Parsian is one of the leader companies in consulting and engineering emergency electricity by having the professional cooperation with the aforementioned companies and employing creative engineers and experienced specialists .

    Parsian performed the highlighted presence in the most sensitive projects such as oil and gas industry,power plants, petrochemical complexes, residential & commercial buildings, data centers, hospitals and also the procurement and installation of 14MW  power generation for Tehran Milad  Tower with a goal to take outstanding steps towards customer satisfaction and  being a trusted power provider company.


    over the past years, Parsian Diesel has been trying to improve the expertise of employees by foremost manufacturers to modernize the traditional idea in this market. Therefore; the priorities in Company activities which have been chosen was always based on discipline, Character and quality over financial interests. 

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    As a company, Parsian has been working to manage a professional cooperation with foreign suppliers and presented its products and services in the Middle East countries to provide a platform for international trading.

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    We are committed to meet the needs of customers and Partners to ensure that our products have the highest quality and standards in technical principals so it will leave a well-known, reliable brand in the power generation industry of Iran.

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    Due to recent sanctions against our country, Parsian’s main effort is to prevent importing low quality products since quality builds up costumer’s trust and satisfaction. In addition of being a supplier company, Parsian remains beside you as a consultant to share its technical knowledge.

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    Innovation in power industries plays a significant role in our company. Whenever the electricity is needed or wherever the project would be, we provide you a reliable and immediate supply of power with all the equipments and their official certificates indicating the originality of the goods.  

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    Parsian Diesel Power Plants Development Company has full potential in the field of import, production, design, inspection and supervision of technical and engineering services, procurement, etc. regarding the diesel/gas Gen-sets and small-scale power plants.

    1. The exclusive representative, supplier and after sales services of Doosan’s diesel and gas engines in Iran
    2. The foremost representative, supplier and after sales services of Cummins (UK) diesel and gas engines in Iran
    3. The foremost representative, supplier and after sales services of Volvo Penta diesel engines and spare parts as a top business partner in Iran
    4. Supplier and representative of Perkins (UK) in Iran
    5. Supplier and representative of MTU, Man (Germany) in Iran
    6. Supplier and representative of Stamford Alternators with Stamford spare parts and after sales services in Iran
    7. Supplier and representative of Meccalte Alternators in Iran
    8. The main Supplier of fabric Cummins Power coupling in Iran
    9. The exclusive representative of Elitech Power Company and provider of parts and its after sales services
    10.  Parsian is a packager of Cummins/stamford, Perkins/Stamford, Doosan/Stamford, Volvo/Meccalte, Doosan/Meccalte and other couplings regarding to customer’s request
    11.  Supplier of different models of Deep Sea control boards
    12.  Supplier of Power Command control boards
    13.  Manufacturer and supplier of Canopy for a wide range of engines

    with regard to our main values and missions, we are restlessly trying to create a development in the field of Gen-sets and small-scale power plants through presenting scientific articles,holding conferences and seminars. You can find latest news, technical documentation, upcoming seminars and meetings in the news and articles (here) section.


    Parsian Diesel’s focus on improving the quality of products and services has lead to the satisfaction of consumers, customers and experts which gave us a great reputation in this industry. Due to high performance and long-term team working, Parsian has been honored for many awards. Our constant aim has been and would be “respecting the customers”.Therefore we are content of our restless effort to fulfill customer requests considering the priority of technical principals over the price, which has been against the traditional idea in this industry.



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