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    19th, Parsian diesel’s Iran International Electricity Exhibition

    31October to 3November

    19th International exhibition on power industry was held as the most professional and influential event in international exhibition of Tehran (Iran) to present the latest developments, scientific research and technical achievements.

    Over than 500 foreign and domestic companies participated in the 2019 exhibition of Tehran from 31 October to 3 November. As an annual tradition Parsian Diesel Power Plant Development Company attends this exhibition as the main sponsor to present latest research achievements in both technical and commercial aspects.
    Parsian diesel booth provided 3 major areas for attendants. The first area with 180 m2 was related to displaying different Cummins engines (UK), Cummins Power Gen-Sets (UK), Doosan engine Korea, Stamford alternators (UK) and finally a gen-set which has been coupled by Parsian diesel company. To meet our goal we dedicated comprehensive technical catalogues to give more specification during our meeting with visitors and experts. 
    The second area with 240 m2   is considered to introduce Parsian diesel’s latest and highest technology products such as Panels, Automatic transfer switches and canopies. A meeting room was considered to exchange technical experiences with some of the greatest manufacturers and companies of power generation industry.
    One of the main parts of Parsian booth in the 80 m2   area demonstrated outstanding design of our sound and physical insulation so visitors would be able to acquaint with the quality of our canopy systems. Our experienced specialists and engineers trained by greatest manufacturers were available to share their technical knowledge.
    Parsian diesel Power Plant Company selected as the foremost booth in the power exhibition of 2019. According to numerous interviews and reports which were taken by newspapers and organizations such as radio and television of Iran with our managers and experts, you can find summary of these reports in other sections.